Trend of Interior Design 2020




Although we think that interior design should reflect one’s identify instead of simply copying a style from the magazines, it is natural that there is still a pendulum of overall preference that would swing one way or the other through time. In 2020, COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. There are impacts on the trend of interior design as well.

Classicism is back

The world is harsh and cold enough these days, so people are looking for spaces that nurture and envelope them. There is a move from cool tones and minimal decorations to the classics with a modern twist.  Furniture with rounded edges, bold colors and patterned finishing, performance fabrics, and a playful touch of decorative details add personal identity as well as interests to life.

Multi-functional spaces

As work from home is the new norm, workspaces become increasingly important in the home. However, floor area is limited. A storage room, closet or living area with a flexible workspace is a wise option. Designing such multi-functional space smartly with aesthetic elements is both inspiring and productive.

Biophilic design

When technology is now evolving at the speed of light and we are forced to stay at home, there is an urge to reconnection with our primitive roots and to benefit from the influence of the nature on our overall psyche. Adding a living wall or including a small interior garden in your home or office, not only makes the space beautiful, it also improves your mental health and overall ecosystem.

Sustainable design

Talking about the ecosystem, our world needs more caring from us in terms of the choices we make in choosing the right material for interior design. Products made from fast growing bamboo which is both durable and aesthetic, is becoming popular. Rattan furniture has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in chairs, tables, or lightings. It is the perfect balance between modern and traditional style and it adds a sense of warmth to the interior.